Paul is a US Navy veteran and proud member of VFW Post # 7420, a homeowner who has lived in San Diego for twenty-five years. He served as a federal public safety officer and currently makes his living as a factory mechanic, but is best known as the owner-operator, with wife Marcia, of the popular and well-regarded San Diego landmark, Sparky’s.

He accepts no monetary contributions, and pledges to serve one term only.

He asks for your vote to effect fundamental change in a City Council that tolerated corruption and dangerously
misplaced priorities at City Hall.

“Public service is a duty, not a career. We have enough career politicians. We as a community need to get things done.
We need and deserve a city that works for us.”

Paul’s core issues:

Compliance with all federal, state, and local law
An A credit rating
Water policy that makes sense
Justice in the pension fund scandal
Our city as a center for green business