Grape Street Park is available as a leash-free dog park today because home-owners and dog-owners came together in a forum that I chaired.

I worked with City Council to establish this foot trail that connects Grape St. to 28th St. Park. Residents are able to pass without disturbing the natural habitat of the canyon.

Recycling: One of the things that works in Golden Hill. I currently chair the Golden Hill Recreation Council, which works because its $10,000 budget comes in large part from recycling.

TOT LOT: While I was chair of the GHRC, I approved the project to replace an outdated metal teeter-totter and chain-length swing-set with a safe, ergonomic and well-designed play area.

Public art commissioned from Girl Scout Troop 3232 in
partnership with Studio Maureen and the GHRC while I was chair.

I secured a new kiln for the GHRC.

While I was Parks Chairperson for the Greater Golden Hill Planning Committee,
we established the Golden Hill Community Garden.

I served on the Event Transportation Management Plan Board that established the traffic plan for the ballpark downtown redevelopment. The work is a model for smart urban planning.

I served as a federal safety officer when I worked at the Metropolitan Correctional Center. I was responsible for the federal facility’s compliance with all environmental and safety regulations.
I was also a member of the Federal Safety Council.

Like many in our district and our city, I proudly served in the United States Navy.